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Mas Subramanian a professor at Oregon State University accidentally discovered a new pigment in 2009 while working in the lab on elements that could be used in electronics.  While heating manganese oxide and other chemicals at a high heat, a student was removing the mixture from the oven when Mas walked by and having worked at DuPont recognized the uniqueness of the color.  After further analysis the team determined the substance was indeed a new pigment of blue and it was stable, non-toxic and had reflective qualities that could reduce surface temperatures of the substrate it was applied to and thereby reduce cooling costs and energy use.  As Louis Pastor said, "In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind." 

Shepherd Color Company is OSU's  licensing partner for the pigment.  Crayola Crayon is working on a new crayon color due out soon and is having a naming contest at

New Cool Blue

Update new color name is Bluetiful!

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