Pus​hing Textiles  Forward through technology-



Google and Levi's Develop Smart Jacket

Due out Fall 2017 the smart denim trucker jacket uses conductive, washable threads woven into the jacket fabric.  A detachable cuff piece contains other components creating a live jacket to safely manipulate cell phone without actually using cell phone.  Collaboration known is known as Project Jacquard.

NBC new 3/19/17

​​​Holographic Fabrics

Copper Filament Powers Up Your Clothes!

Associate Professor Jayan Thomas from the University of Central Florida has developed a copper ribbon that can be woven on a loom that acts as a solar cell on one side and stores energy on the other.  The ribbons are so thin so as to resemble and act like a filament that can be woven into fabric.  In sunlight the copper filament can collect energy from the sun and store.  One day your clothes could replace a wall socket and batteries.

Ref.  designnews.com posted 1/13/17;Nature communications abstract; Pvilion-solar panel jkt with tommy Hilfger.


The Future of Input.  A wearable Bluetooth keyboard that turns anything you touch into a typing surface.  #Tap accurately detects any combination of finger touches on any surface.


Dry Dye is a sustainable method of dyeing synthetic fabrics with carbon dioxide instead of water.

30 Year Sustainable Sweatshirt

Designer Tom Cridland of England recently debuted his 30 year sweatshirt to help sustain the environment and provide a quality product to consumers.  The sweater made with durable fabrics and threads comes with a 30 year warranty.  The company will mend the sweater as needed.  The stitching is sturdy.  Sustainablity is the key to this  long-use sweater unlike some garments developed with planned obsolescence in mind with a built to break strategy.

Feb.,  2017

Color Change Fabrics Thermochromatic colorants change color when exposed to heat as per photo below.  Photochromatic colorants change color when exposed to sunlight and Hydrochromatic colorants change color when exposed to water.